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Welcome to the WQGU515 Williamsport 675 GMRS Repeater


Approx. Coverage map  or in a NEW window click http://k5ehx.net/single.php?id=27337

Try this map if the other is having an issue https://maps.google.com/maps?q=http://www.ve2dbe.com/rmonline/user/kb3awq/covs/RMAAF3E4DE3358_1.zip


9/17/12, the repeater was put on the air on Bald Eagle Mountain just south of Williamsport, PA - Lycoming County on Skyline Drive at 1,912 feet elevation.

The repeater is 2 - Motorola GM-300 mobile radios hooked together powered by an Astron 20 amp power supply (same type of thing as a GR-300) using Mobile Duplexers (not two antennas).  The RF output power was 6 watts with only 3 watts after the duplexer.   On 11/15/14 I switched the radios around so the bad transmit radio is now the receiver and the receiver is now the transmitter, we are putting out about 18 watts with about 12 watts coming out after the duplexers.  12/1/14 an ID-O-Matic IV was added so it now has a Voice/Morse Code ID with a couple other options.


12/21/13 Installed a Diamond X50C2 (commercial frequency version of the Diamond X50A.)  This antenna has 7.2 DB on UHF.  Using about 100 feet of 1/2 inch hardline.


The other repeaters at this site are

KB3HLL's 147.090 and 443.050 Ham Radio Repeaters

KB3AWQ's 444.900  Ham Radio Repeater and N3NXC-2 APRS digi-peater on 144.390 (which these two share the same antenna Diamond X50A Dual Band 4.5 DB on VHF and 7.2 DB  on UHF)

Any other questions etc. can be sent to GMRS@KB3AWQ.com

Even though anyone with a GMRS license or family of can use this repeater, If you are able to send me something just to know the repeater is being used or any comments or questions or just the experience you had or the coverage as I am not sure of its entire coverage myself.  I would appreciate.



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