Manhattan, New York City



462.6750 MHz / "MANHATTAN" New York City, NY / Input = 107.2 Hz. (1B) / Output = Carrier-Squelch.

ALL users of this repeater MUST remain in "Carrier-Squelch" receive (open tone)  at all times when using this facility.

Prior permission / contact with the system owner is required for regular operations & use of this repeater.

 The Manhattan Repeater is available for use in supporting emergency and travelers assistance communications as needed, (without) prior coordination by persons holding a valid GMRS License.

GMRS Licensees  who volunteer in providing direct support of registered "non-profit" public service orginizations such as, REACT, Red Cross, and the Salvation Army are most welcome !

Notes: Repeater is supported by automatic transfer "hot standby" generator backup power providing "continious operation" during commercial power interruptions.

This repeater is "high level" and provides wide-area coverage in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

All users are requested to operate with consideration being given towards "shared co-operative" use of the frequency with "co-system" and "co-channel" users operating on 462.6750 Mhz.

Contact Info: Kevin Parrish / KAG-0353 / aka: 1411 / 462.6750 MHz.


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